Zan is the main character of SupremeLegacy. He is a 13 year old boy, who loves to battle. He is from the Johto Region. Zan is also rivals with Conner.



Zan is a really kind, and cool guy. He is charming, and flirts with girls a lot. He loves to battle, he also loves all his Pokemon, and to train them.


Zan is a tanned skinned boy that has a height just above 5"4, making him relaltivley short. Zan's eyes have the shade of amber with blond and brown hair that spikes above his head and drapes behind it. He wears a white sleeveless jacket and red/blue pants. He also sports brown fingerless gloves. He has a golden belt in his pants which holds the Pokeballs of his party.


  • Bike
  • Normal Pokeballs x8
  • Great Pokeballs x3
  • Map of the Johto Region
  • Potions x7
  • Super Potions x2



  • Used Treeko, Against Conner (Draw)
  • Used Treeko, against Ian (Win)

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