Lucifer is Elcidman's Chimchar and very first Pokemon. He was caught by Professor Birch whenever he traveled

Lucifer looking sad

through the Sinnoh region and given to Elcidman so that he could pursue his dreams as a trainer.


Lucifer is a brave Pokemon who is not scared of very many things but when he is scared he will grab Elcidman's leg and not let go until he feels safe.

Things Lucifer is afraid of:

Ghost Pokemon

People with hook hands

People with scars on their faces

Lucifer likes to play with people, or other Pokemon. His favorite thing to do is climb up in a tree and scare wild Pidgeys, he also likes to eat a lot. His favorite foods are berries, apples, pizza, and grilled turkey legs.

Origins Edit

Lucifer lived in a cave somewhere in the Sinnoh region with his family. His father was an Infernape and his mother

The master ball that Lucifer was caught with.

was a Monferno. His parents were captured by rookie trainers when they had discovered the cave and he was left alone and could only take care of himself. Professor Birch found the little Chimchar and felt pity for him so he captured him (in a master ball) to give to Elcidman who he knew would take good care of him. Elcidman named the Chimchar, "Lucifer" since he was a fire type, and took good care of him.

Moves Edit




Quick Attack



Heat Wave

Fire Punch